This joint certainly had the hype, all the looks, and all the reviews from the hipsters who flock to it because they stuck up a sign that says “local”, to be a really good place. Unfortunately, from my experience there, it was just hype.

First let’s talk about the prices. I paid $30 for burgers and fries for two. That’s right. $30. You’d think a place displaying all this advertising about being “local,” and being situated a few short miles from Stockyard City (through which a LARGE majority of the nations cattle travels and gets sold) they might be able to sell a reasonably priced burger, but I guess they don’t have to. They do know their market. Stick up your “local” signs, and wait for the lemmings to come in, break open their wallets, and talk about how GREAT the place is…

Now on to the food itself. The burgers were juicy, well cooked, well portioned, and on pretty good buns. The only drawback to these “onion burgers” was that instead of being cooked with the burgers, the onions seemed to have been grilled in a patty by themselves, which left them seriously lacking in some flavor and thoroughly undercooked, and then thrown on top of the burger almost like an afterthought. On top of this I got two orders of thin, McDonald’s style, frozen, bought-in shoestring fries? What kind of respectable onion burger joint doesn’t have the nice, thick, fresh-cut fries?

Top off this monstrosity of a meal with the fact that, despite there only being one person ahead of me and the place being nearly devoid of customers, my order took somewhere around 15-20 minutes to come out of the kitchen.

To summarize, if you’re a mindless sheep who falls for all the trendy advertising gimmicks, then by all means stop on in Tucker’s, whip out your $30 and tell them how great they are. If, however, you actually enjoy food and want a REALLY GOOD onion burger, steer clear of Tucker’s.

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