The first time I went in The Mule was within a week or two of their opening.  My visit was very disappointing.  Service took forever; they substituted my sourdough (which I love) with wheat (which I strongly dislike) without telling me; etc; etc.  I almost wrote up a negative review on them right then and there but I later found out that they got slammed with WAY more traffic than they were expecting when they opened.  They were therefore under-staffed and under-stocked.  With this in mind, I decided to give them a second chance.

I’ve now visited The Mule several times since that first time and every time has been outstanding.  The prices are just a tiny bit above my comfort zone, but not so much as to shy me away from them completely.  Besides, if you’re as popular as The Mule is, you can charge a little extra and people will pay it. Also bear in mind that I’m kinda cheap. 😉

Now I know that some of you might be saying “they sell grilled-cheese.  Big deal.”  This is not your momma’s grilled cheese, trust me.  With ingredients like roasted portabella mushrooms, fontina, goat cheese, sun-dried tomato pesto, brie, Gruyere, Gouda, chipolte aioli, etc, etc, this “grilled cheese shop” is so, so much more.

I usually get the BCLT (Bacon Cheese Lettuce & Tomato).  This is a delightful sandwich on sourdough (which, again, I love).  It’s served with thick cut bacon, Gouda, Gruyere, lettuce, tomato, and mayo.  Together with some nice beer-battered fries it comes in at $7 plus tax.

The Mule has a great modern, atmosphere and, if you’re into that, be sure to check out the low-voltage lighting they built over the bar.

About the only thing I can complain about is a little lack of clarity on the menu.  On the sandwich section, particularly about the sides, they list onion rings +$0.50 (fine), gluten-free bread +$2 (got it), and then, right below that, “SIDE SALAD $1 More.”  It’s not super clear that that is in reference to replacing your fries with a salad, not adding a salad.  The other thing is that if you’re going to have an open face sandwich on the menu, it should say so (the Croque Madam).

That’s it.  Not much to bitch about, huh?  Long story short… go check out The Mule.  You won’t regret it.

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