@tucksokc, get your pen out and take notes.

I ran into Paw Paws purely by luck.  I happened to be in Chickasha on business one day and decided to drive through town on the way back instead of getting right back on the interstate.  I am SO glad I did.

The second I saw Paw Paws I was instantly taken back to my childhood and the little greasy spoon burger joint up on Broadway.  This place knows how to make a burger.  I ordered an onion burger with fries and a coke and although the onions weren’t cooked into the patty like most onion burgers, they were thoroughly cooked and absolutely wonderful, not a pressed patty of half-raw onion a la Tucker’s in OKC.

While it was certainly not the healthiest meal in the world, it was exactly what I had hoped for when I walked in the door of this little diner that looks like it’s in an old converted gas station.  The double burger was hot with plenty of onions and cheese and just the right amount of grease dripping out of it as I ate.  The fries were real, honest to bob, hand-cut, properly cooked, sticks of potato.  The McDonald’s generation may not know that’s what fries are actually suppose to be.  Package this up with a bottomless coke all for only $9 and I’m in heaven.

Paw Paws has been around since the 40’s and was purchased by the most recent owner in July.  My waitress was the owner’s sister and it certainly had the feel of a family business.  The place is a little grungy and could use some better organization, but all in all it was a great meal and a great experience.

After writing this I’m half tempted to drive down to Chickasha tonight for a burger.  Maybe you should too.

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