Bella Vista Italian Kitchen, run by Greek couple Milt (back of house) and Dina (front of house) Korkolis, is hands-down, bar-none the best italian restaurant I’ve ever been to, seen, or even been near in Oklahoma.  I’ve been going there for years and will never give up trying to get Milt’s marinara recipe from him.

My dish that I order almost every time I visit is the chicken parmigiana bolognesa (Dina always gives me a look when I order meat sauce on chicken, but I love it) and I’m pretty sure I’ve never actually finished the dish in the restaurant but I’ve always wanted to never stop eating.  The last time I went that dish served me for two more meals later on.

Don’t get me wrong.  This place is far from a one-trick pony.  I’ve had the lasagna, the zita, the chicken Marsala, etc, etc.  Everything I’ve had has been wonderful and my dear, dear friend and sometime partner in crime Heather swears by the clams in white sauce (I’m not a big clam person myself).  Add to this Milt’s fresh baked bread and a salad with their fresh, made in-house, house dressing and you’ve got yourself a dining experience you will not soon forget.

The only problem I’ve ever run into is that they are chronically under-staffed with Dina trying to take on WAY too much herself and wearing WAY too many hats.  Some nights she is the entire front of house.  The only other thing I can think of worth mentioning is that Milt and Dina do shut the place completely down for a couple months every summer (this year it was June 23rd to September 2nd, so they are back now and you can always keep up to date on their website) to return home to Greece and, although we have to live without their food for those two months, we can all sleep well at night with the knowledge that upon their return they will bring a fresh supply of that lovely olive oil that contributes so much to their dishes.

Please do yourself a solid and visit them soon and, while you’re there, ask Milt to please give me that recipe.

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